Letters I will never send

Dear Husband,

We were waiting at the train station you described me as Luna Lovegood. That was two days ago. That has to be one of the romantic and amazing compliments you have ever paid me in the 8.5 years we've been together and I'm fairly sure you have no idea. Oh look a blibbering humdinger!

Keeping the nargels at bay,

your wife

Dear Post Office,

I tried to be polite today by letting someone go ahead of me who waiting and their number had been called but the lady with the previous number hadn't approached the wicket in a timely fashion. I was informed by the nice gentleman that by being polite I would throw off the entire number system and in a way cause massive chaos within our local post office. He would have to wait to approach the wicket he had originally been called to and I could go ahead to the one in which I had been called to. This was re-enforced by the nice lady behind the window. I never realized being polite could cause such a break down in a your very efficient system. I will remember not to try an be polite in the future.


Anarchy in Die Post

Dear Non-Canadian friends except our Russian friends,

I am so sorry we keep forgetting that you find -15 is cold for you and that we chat outside before departing for the evening. We keep forgetting that whilst we're all exchanging final pleasantries you're all freezing your non Canadian tushies off.

Warmly yours,

Forgetful member of The Few and the Frostbitten

Dear Switzerland,

Thank you for finally snowing, getting reasonably cold and making my face hurt with the win. It made me miss home much much less.

In chilly affection,

Now knows the difference between wet cold and dry cold.

Dear Harper Lee,

Thank for writing the following line, "Hey Boo". I can't explain what that did to me as a kid and an aspiring writer.


A girls whose copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird" fell apart...twice.

Dear Zombie Snack,

Thank for giving our kitty cat Dylan such loving and affection pettings. It was nice to see you like him as much as we do.

love all the way from Switzerland,

Your Aunt and Uncle

Dear Milan,

We haven't even arrived yet but I've been looking at pictures and well, you're making me feel woefully under dressed already. I don't know if I can pull it together by Saturday.


Someone who may or may not be wearing yoga pants currently


Elfe said…
Really enjoyed your letters. Luna Lovegood indeed! Sweet compliment
Luna! What a compliment. :)