The husband speaks

I fell in love with a boy who once described HTML as poetry. He also once said arithmetic had the ability of being beautiful. In University he belonged to a faculty that had a building I had never set foot in. John is the exact opposite of everything I thought I wanted in a husband. Turns out, he's exactly what I needed in a husband which is far more important. He is the logic to my chaos, the left brain to my right brain, the skeptic to my willingness to believe anything and the morning person to my night owl. It also helps that we both pretty much hate the same stuff.

Team Ham-Tin circa 2003
I thought it was about time you heard from the husband in his own words. The following is what occurred when I interviewed the husband.

Can I interview you for my blog?

You can try.

For the record, state your name.

*smirk* Jimmy Jameson *snickers*

That's a fictional character. *sigh* Moving onIf you had to describe being married to me in 5 words what would they be?

*thinks* Damn trying but hopefully rewarding.

What's the coolest country you've been to so far?

I've been the coldest in Canada.

You're cute. Moving on. In two words describe yourself.

Increasingly annoyed. *cue merciless mocking*

Alright Mr. Sass....Do you hate that I blog everything about our lives?

That's Mr. Jameson to you! You blog?...Beats complaining about it to me.

Fine! When did you know I was the one?

When I know you'll know.

Are you going to give me more than one sentence pat answers?

Signs point towards no.

Fine then. This interview over.

So there weren't any serious questions you wanted ask me?

Are you going to give me serious answers?

You ask me a serious question, I'll give you a serious answer.

Okay...what do you miss most about home?

People. Comfort of knowing what the hell is going on. Where things are. How to get things done.

What do you miss about the people?

I don't think I have a good answer for that.

Is working for the UN as glamorous as our friends and family assume it is?

Probably not. Most days its just a job. And then you go into a meeting where there are delegates from 20 countries and translators. Then you get to travel, which is stressful but the countries you go to want you there and try to impress you. You get to try new things and different stuff.

How would you explain your job to regular people?

I work with countries post offices to install software to make their international postal orders work electronically. The grant that pays for my job is mandated for creating greater monetary access to rural people. When I got to see where the money was coming from and the function of the job it really drove home what a worthwhile thing it is that I do because it gives people access to money.

Do you ever question the decision to move here?

Yes. But I always come up with the same answer, it's worth it and a good thing to do.

What are you looking forward to in the next three years?

The opportunities as they show up. I would really like to see myself get two language to the point where I can have a conversation in them. I would really like to have friends or family from Canada to actually visit so we can show them around. I don't know if that makes me a braggart but I would really like that.

One more question, what do you want for me to get out of this experience?

I really like to see you gain a certain amount of confidence in your abilities and comfort in what you're doing.

Thank you for humoring me! 

You're lets not do it again for another three years.


  1. Replies
    1. Apparently Johnathan was referring to all those people that stated they would visit rather than those we knew would visit ie. you.

  2. How fun!! I've been trying to get the husband to write a guest post, or at least concede to an interview, for my blog for(whatfeelslike)ever. Still he refuses. Tsk tsk.

  3. I'm glad for this line here: "I work with countries post offices to install software to make their international postal orders work electronically."

    That was helpful. People didn't buy my story about Johnathan solving third world conflicts the UN was involved in by using money from the Chinese Triad.

    1. I totally would have believed your story. It's too cool to be made up in my book.


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