A day in the life of a dubious hausfrau

I'm not entirely sure how I found it, but I did, and I was thrilled. Simply Rebekah is doing her annual "Day in the life..." link up for 2012. Now if you're anything like me you tend to happen upon things like this too late and the link up is closed and you feel like the last kid doing the shuttle run during the Canadian fitness test during ParticipAction week in Gym class (true story.) Okay it's not quite so bad, its more like you wear a tshirt ring to school the week after tshirt rings were cool (also a true story.) So I was quite excited to see I happened up on this whilst it was active. YAY!

First I would like to dispel what I feel is a bit of glamorization surrounding the stay-at-home-wife. I once had someone tell me if they were in my position they would make themselves a good breakfast every morning, go the gym every day, the house would be tidy, she would always have a meal plan for the week, she would always have the errand taken care of and she would even take up a new hobby or take some continuing Education classes like basket weaving or steel drum making (I might have made that last part up.) Anyway, I laughed in her face. Then I told my mom who is also currently a stay at home wife and she proceeded to laugh hysterically. Some days you do make yourself a good breakfast, get out of your yoga pants and socialize with civil society and rock the role of a modern Suzy Homemaker. Other days though, you stay in your jammies until 4:30 and have cereal for lunch and watch an ungodly amount of day time TV or Law & Order Reruns. And for dinner...whatever you can find in the fridge because there is no plan.

I have been blessed to be in a position where I don't have to work if I don't want to. If we were still in Canada we would not be in this situation. This situation is a gift!

So for all those who have wondered what an expat dubious hausfrau in Switzerland does all day...now you'll know! Or at the very least you'll know what I did yesterday.

My day started later than usual because I did that thing where you're all, "oh just one more chapter" the night before and ended up falling asleep with my lamp and Ereader still on.

9:45ish - Breakfast. No nice big breakfast here. No apple cinnemon quinoa made with fruit picked by Burmese maidens. Nope. Good old fashioned Puffed Wheat. Bio here means "orangic." Also, is that not the smallest bag of puffed wheat you've ever seen? And I totally know you're giggle at the word "dinkelpops."

10:00 to 11:30 - For the next hour and a half I read blogs, read the comments on my own blog and fall down what I like to call the "Pinterest rabbit hole." On the husbands laptop because I didn't feel like going upstairs to go get mine. All done whilst drinking cold leftover coffee (John makes coffee before he leaves for work and I drink what's left) and watching what ever we PVRed from the night before. 

 11:30 - Tis time for Bob Harper to surround me with positive support as he kicks my butt for an hour during his Yoga for the Warrior DVD. Not for the faint of heart also not for the yoga newbie either. However it is a really really good DVD. 


12:30 - LUNCH! YAY!!! The night before we had a specialty of mine for dinner. Pulled pork and bacon nachos. A sometimes food but needless to say I had what I like to call, "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry" salad which included spinach, cucumber, avocado, tomato, sprouted lentils, sprouted chickpeas, fresh mini mozzarella balls, and homemade Italian dressing. During the eating of the salad I had a chat with my parents. Interestingly enough my dad asked me, "So what have you been doing with your life lately." 

1:30 - Work on the husbands Discounted Negotiated Affection day gift. We don't really do Valentine's day for a number of reasons. Rather than ranting about the hallmark schmultz of the it all and the whole "I don't need a day to celebrate my love" I'll just say it's not our thing. We have our own day on the 16th. You know when all the chocolate is on sale.

2:30 - Time to sit down and write. Always in my office. Never on the couch. When John and I got hitched we said that if we ever moved internationally he would work and I would write. Here we are 5 years later and we're living internationally. John is working and I am writing. 2000 words a day. Sometimes they come easy. Sometimes I would rather I consider making up words just to get to my word count. 

3:30 - Words are NOT coming easy. So I switch to a bit of good old fashioned pen and paper. I've been trying a little bit of art journaling after discovering it on pinterest. 

4:30 - still in my office...still writing...no time to take a picture words are finally working.

5:00 - oops I need to make myself presentable, going out tonight with friends. Bowling. Our European friends seem to have gotten it in their heads that Canadians are fantastic bowlers. Making myself presentable means, showering, finding something to wear that wasn't my yoga pants and do my hair in a way that wasn't a messy bun. 

6:02 - To the train station. Catching the 6:16 S7 train to the Bern main train station. Meeting the husband for dinner. 

6:30 - Hello husband. This is his "who are you and why are you taking my picture" face.

7:00 - Tummies full. Tram taken. Friends met up with at the bowling alley. Purchase a pitcher of beer.

7:30 - Here's how it works here. You don't pay for per game. You book a time slot and then pay per frame.  So if your time is up and you're only at frame 4 on your second game you pay for 14 frames. Oh and shoe rental.

Here's the funny thing about taking pictures whilst at a bowling alley. 
You get nothing but pictures of the back of people.

The blonde is our friend Elli...hyper competitive and
unsure as to why she was sucking so badly.

This is Fredrick. He's French. 

Oh and that would be Frederic doing the charming looking photo bomb.
And yes that is a roller skate around my neck.

9:00 - We're informed that we now need to relinquish the lanes we're occupying for the next group. That means we now head over to the arcade area where our European friends demand to see the Canadians play air hockey. By the way...Johnathan cheats at air hockey and I'm not saying that just because I lost. He cheats at air hockey.

9:15 - As our friends continued to play air hockey I had a rendezvous with a tall dark pinball machine in the corner! 

9:30 - The husband and I decide to call it a night and proceed to make the 30ish minute trek home. We trudge up the stairs to our apartment shortly after 10pm and I flop into bed shortly before 10:30 with my Ereader in hand.

So now you know. Some days I do way more. Other days I do way less. 

Today was one of those days that involved getting the mail in jammies (yay my German passport arrived!!!) Law&Order and eating my first meal of the day at noon. I'll probably write my 2000 words tonight whilst John plays a video game. Tomorrow will involve getting up way to early on a Saturday to make our 7:34 train to Milan. But it's Milan...I'll live.


Oh my word. If I didn't have a kid to take care of, I would never get off the couch!! Well, maybe that is just the pregnant part of me talking.

Thanks for so honestly sharing your day. I loved the before & after yoga pictures and the part about only getting the backs of people at bowling alleys. It is so true!
Anonymous said…
That sounds like a perfect day (but for the yoga torture, ouch). j
Erwin Warkentin said…
And I still would've kicked your a** at pinball :-)
-Love, Dad-
Erwin Warkentin said…
I, personally, would never eat anything with the word "Dinkelpops" on it. How did they come up with that word? Did someone "dinkel" all over it? Or, is it made of little "Dinkels" that were found in the woods and then pu into a microwave until they popped. Neither option really inspires confidence in what I would actually be eating. I suppose, if it were crunchy, it would mean I am crushing the bones of formerly happy "Dinkels" (imagine Papa Smurf here) who once freely and happily roamed the meadows and forests of Switzerland. If it's soft and mushy...well, I don't even what to go into what kind of "Dinkel" that might be.

And that's what I have to say about that
Tatiana said…
Thank you for hosting the link up! It was super fun. And I know what you mean about not wanting to ever get off the couch. Honestly some days it takes every ounce of will power I have to drag myself off the couch.
Macy said…
I love this peek into your day. Stay at home wives, FTW! Actually that's not really fair. It's more like, "Living your life with passion and purpose even if its not typical, FTW!" I art journal, but there are some really fancy schmancy techniques out there I've been seeing lately. I'm inspired by it. Please share more art journaling pictures! I will if you will! ;)
Tatiana said…
I will! Check out the 30 days of lists that's how I got into Art journaling to begin with. And I think I'm going to tell people I'm "living a life of passion and purpose" rather than a stay at home wife.
Becky said…
Well, I can't wax as poetic about it as Erwin did, but I did chuckle at the word "dinkelpops". You're a great writer; thanks for sharing your day!
DB Landes said…
I love your idea about having a word count that you have to meet everyday. I make myself sit and write for 1 hour (30 min twice daily... I have kids so any longer is out of the question) but sometimes I come up for air with only a sentence on the screen. I don't think my goal would be 2000 words but the idea's great. Also, I loved your photo after yoga.
Tatiana said…
Thanks for stopping by. Yes 2000 words is a lofty goal but I had to work my way up to 2000 words. It use to be 500 words. And before that, a paragraph. I had to start with really easily accomplished goals.
Tatiana said…
Thank you for stopping by Becky. And thank you very much for complimenting my writing. It was very nice to read.