10 Warm Fuzzies

1. This Video

2. We celebrated Johnathan's grandmother yesterday. We went bowling with some friends. We raised our glasses of cheap German beer and he said, "To Grandma!" And I reminded him he was now bowling in her memory therefore if he failed we might have to throw him out of the family. By the way, in case you're wondering, bowling alleys in Switzerland smell just like bowling alleys in North America...feet, sweat and stale beer.

3. The easy silence that have created here in our home. This morning John and I just sat in the living room he playing a game on his laptop, me reading. There was coffee. The sun was shining. Blinding you as it bounced off the snow. It's a beautifully cold day outside. But there we sat, quietly together doing our own thing. Not a word. Just the sounds of the occasional tap on his lap top and coffee being poured. It's taken us a long time to learn we don't need to fill the silences.

4. There has been much talk about where we're at emotionally, intellectually and spiritually as of late. It usually comes up when we're walking or when we're waiting for the train. We like to make sure that if we're not on the same page at least we're in the same book...or at the VERY least on the same shelf. We're happy. We're content. We're daily taking a moment to step back and appreciating the fact that we're here and it's something that we need to be thankful for because its a gift. We describe this as our walk on the moon. Gone are the days of "ohemgee we live in Switzerland!!!!!!" because we've created a normal life here. But we both realized we're both daily stopping and appreciating this moon walk.

5. My dad showed my Oma the video we made her. You can see it here. Oma apparently loved it. She asked to watch it multiple times whilst my dad was visiting. She enjoyed John's constantly changing facial hair.

6. I had an opportunity to speak with my Oma. She was delighted when John spoke German to her and was pleased to hear we were doing well. It was a short conversation but one that was good for my soul.

7. Last weekend I had a skype date with Portage N Maim and Sluggernaut. An hour and a half of home over the interweb is an amazing way to start a Sunday.

8. We skyped with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece. Again an hour of home. Best part other than watching her give our cat Dylan very affectionate pettings was seeing her walk and hearing her speak. It's the little things we miss the most.

9. Thank you Macy for showing me this. I needed this.

10. This conversation with John
*In the floral department of our grocery store*
Tatiana: Oh look Pussy willows!! I love those!!
John: They're sticks. I think my parents have those at the farm.
Tatiana: ooooo they also have cherry blossom branches.
John: So other sticks.
Tatiana: They're not just sticks. They're pretty.
John: You want pretty sticks?!
Tatiana *sighs heavily and walks away*


  1. I like #3 & #4 the best. Proves you're changing and growing and settling in. :)

  2. I wonder if there's a correlation between growing up through prairie winters and having an enduring attachment for "sticks," which is what prairie flora is for at least 8 months of the year. I share this appreciation. On the other hand, your hubby obviously was steeped in the land of snow and sticks. Men. Inexplicable men. jo

  3. I planted some pussy willow branches from a corner store about 7 years ago and now have a humongous tree in my back yard!!


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