When you live this far away...

My brother and I with our Oma
...and your Oma's health takes a turn for the terminal and you're told she might have very few days left, every single time the phone rings you do the 100 meter dash across the apartment thinking to yourself, "please no not yet please no not yet please no not yet." When it turns out to be your husband you remind yourself you have caller ID for a reason and that you should probably buy another phone.

...Skype in all of this wonderful techy awesomeness it becomes a reminder of what you're physically not there for. It automatically puts you in the category of "there but not really" and it's strange place to be and you sometimes would rather not use skype.

...you're stuck between "home home" and "new home." You have a weird loyalty to both and sometimes you feel bad about picking one of the other. You're loyal to the place where everyone knows you're name but you're also loyal to the place that is giving you the biggest adventure of your life. It's weird.

...people say stupid things like, "well you didn't have to move there. You wouldn't be home sick if you would have stayed where you are." Yeah but I would have had soul devouring regret. I'll take one order of homesickness to go please.

Our nieces first birthday
...you miss the little things the most. Michelle sent me a HUGE box of awesome and the thing in there that I cherish most is the two copies of the local paper. Sure I can read it online but the ritual of reading the Saturday paper is something that has been part of my life since the very beginning. I now have a Saturday paper that I plan to read over and over until it falls apart.

...Facebook has a cold-hearted way of reminding you of everything you're missing.

...Conversely, Facebook has a way of reminding you that you are loved.

...Most of your friends and family say they'll come and visit you. You actually only believe a small handful.

...People often try to compare our move to theirs. Sure we moved to another continent and a non-English speaking country but THEY moved to the new suburban development across town and now they have a 35 minute commute and their neighbours haven't welcomed them to the neighbourhood yet. Admittedly, the thought of moving to the suburbs kind of scares me.

...You're still asked to come home for every semi special event. Yes let me get that $4000 I have in my purse and I'll be on the next flight so I can attend your half birthday party.

...Mail reminds you that you haven't been forgotten.

....You figure out really quickly who meant it when they said, "I'll stay in touch."

...Having stuff becomes a very low priority.

...You spend way more time explaining where you're from then you ever thought you would ever have to.

...You eventually stop correcting people about where you moved (SWITZERLAND PEOPLE...we moved to SWITZERLAND)

...You crave the familiar flat prairie with the sky that goes on forever like a pregnant lady craves pickles and ice cream. (This only applies if you call the Canadian prairies your home.)

...You're never entirely sure how to answer the question "how are you settling in?" because you never feel 100% settled but you also don't feel like you're going to pack up and leave at a moments notice.

...You accidentally laugh at someone who tells you their family lives 2 hours away. Ooops. But you only do it once.