What I am into: January 2012

I'm kind of in love with my red shoes
I took my inspiration from fellow blogger and long time friend The Hippie Housewife. And when I say long time friend I mean longer than we both care to actually say for fear of making ourselves feeling old and dated. I really really like the idea of a month in review. It feeds my need to compartmentalize every part of my life.

What I am into: January 2012
On my nightstand
Or in my case on my e-reader on my nightstand

The man who loved books too much by Allison Hoover Bartlett. Absolutely fantastic and seriously interesting. It's about rare books, the rare book industry and the obsession with rare books. One mans obsession in particular spirals into stealing them and doing everything he can to get his hands on the books. Also it follows one mans quest to end rare book thievery. It's my second attempt at reading true crime and I'm very excited by it.

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. This is a re-read for me. Everyone should read it. With this book Capote single handedly invented creative non-fiction (also known as the non-fiction novel) it's non-fiction but reads like a fiction novel. Inspired. It's also considered a pioneer in the true crime genre. If you don't feel like reading it (booooooo!) check out the film Capote which is about the writing of the book. And largely shot in my home city and home province. *I would like to apologize for sounding overtly like someone with an English degree but that little tidbit there made me feel like I actually used my degree...so deal with it.*

TV Shows worth Watching

QI John and I have been fans of this show for YEARS. But because we were living in North America we couldn't see it when it actually aired. We had to wait to the season to be done and track it down online. But now we live in Europe and now we get to watch it when it actually airs. HOORAY!! Oh the things we learn. Oh the laughter. Oh the awesomeness that is Stephen Fry. Watch it!! The things you learn from the show come in handy when you least expect it. 

Fraiser Okay this is hardly a new show I grant you that but John and I have been watching a lot re-runs lately and trust me if you were much younger than you are now when it was first on TV it's WAY more awesome now that you're grown up and have some life experience and education under you belt. 

Movies I've seen

Hey Boo I'm a BIG GIGANTIC fan of Harper Lee. Like HUGE. It's a documentary about To Kill a Mockingbird, about Harper Lee, the film based on the book and the global impact of the book. The moment that struck me the most was when you learned friends of her believed in her talent so much they gave her a year off to write for Christmas. They saved up money and said, quit your job we will support you, just write your book. Cue tears on my part. Anyway, watch it. Love it. 

In my Kitchen

Oh pulled pork...smoked low and slow in our electric smoker. Our most successful smoked meat adventure yet. We've figured out some small fine tuning issues in regards to heat and I've finally convinced John he doesn't need to fret and fuss over it. Sundays are slowly becoming "Smoked Meat Sundays" 

In my ears

We currently have the new Black Keys Album on repeat. I listen to the Muppets Green Album if I'm not listening to the new Black Keys Album. We're also on a bit of a Bruno Mars kick again.

On my pinterest

What are you looking forward to next month?

Milan Tattoo Convention although we're not entire sure we're going to go but me thinks as much as we're humming and haaaing right now we'll end up going for at least the day if not the weekend. Also my birthday trip to London!!! YAY!

So, what have you been into this month?