A list of lists.

I'm a little behind on the whole year in review blog posts. We're 8 days into 2012 and still kind of in awe of the fact that we survived! I've been thinking of how to sum up this year. Most people define our year by our move. Little do they remember but we only arrived here with 5 months left in the year. Admittedly a lot of stuff was overshadowed by the most epic relocation of our entire lives but I wanted to take time to reflect on everything that wasn't just "moved to Switzerland."

Top 5 moments of win in 2011

1. I ran 5km. In a real race. With real people. With real actual "runners". AND I didn't come in dead last. Sure the guy that came in first in the 10km ran it in the time it took me to run 5km but whatever I finished. 37:02

2. My mom finally saw me skate. She finally saw derby. She finally saw Jam Buster. She saw me get hit in my face, make sure my nose wasn't bleeding, get up and then take our the girl that hit me.

3. My Oma's recovery. She's 84, had a stroke a year and a half ago. But this year she really kicked that strokes ASS! She's never going to be 100% herself again and that's been a hard grieving process but the fact that she's basically said, "screw you" to her stroke and has not only survived but thrived is truly remarkable.

4. My dad found us an apartment. Here's the thing we moved to Switzerland without a place to live, without any connections and only with Johns contract in our hands. My dad had to be in Europe anyway. He rearranged dates and helped us find a place. He gave us a fragment of legitimacy. He acted as interpreter and as negotiator.

5. John stopped being on call. Moreover he stopped working for the place that required on call. He spent a year and a half basically half asleep. He genuinely doesn't remember being in his brothers grad photos because he had just come off of on call. Admittedly in a weird way on call his prepared him for jetlag.

Top 5 significant birthday of 2011

1. John turned 30
2. Zombie snack turned 1
3. Monkey turned 4
4. Tater turned 1
5. My Oma turned 84

Top 5 moments of not so Win in 2011

1. 0:48 is where you see the cause of the black eye I had

2. Mere days after finding out we were moving to Switzerland John rear ended someone whilst we were on our way to his sisters place. The only thing that saved John from me murdering him was a gentleman who saw this happen, poked his head in my window and said, "don't kill him, he didn't mean it." That man is seriously the only reason I didn't totally lose my mind at John.

3. 2000 francs to get Dylan here. Hindsight is 20/20 right. Not a day goes by where we don't miss Inspector Dylan Tiger. We're not only counting down days until we go home for a visit but we're also counting down the days until we get to cuddle the stuffing out of Dylan and boop his nose.

4. Forgetting to tell one of John's great aunts we were moving to Switzerland. oops. We seriously have NO IDEA how this happened. The entire southwest corner of Manitoba knew...except Great Aunt Florence. She found out at our nieces christening when my sister-in-law said, "And this is my brother Johnathan and his wife Tatiana, they're moving to Switzerland." Cue Great Aunt Florence "What?!" oops.

5. The incident with my derby gear in Toronto. I refused to check it. We were already at our limit with checked luggage and there was no way I was risking it with baggage handlers. so it was my second carry on. Now strictly speaking this wasn't my fault or his fault but Air Canada's fault. He had to locate, chase down and fight his way through security thanks to Air Canada when we had an international connection and lounge passes. Never has a derby widow hated the derby so much. When widows complain to him about the derby and the time suck he simply says, "I had to rescue all of her gear at an airport when we had an international flight to catch and we were already delayed by 1.5 hours thanks to Air Canada incompetence. You know nothing about hating the derby. Nothing!"

Top 5 people that made 2011 awesome that aren't my immediate family or John

1. Portage N' Maim
2. Jamie
3. The Valkryies Wrath (like I could pick just one)
4. Anne-Marie
5. Macy

Top 5 best blog posts of 2011 (as according to my blog stats)

1. I like you so much I would move to Switzerland with you
2. The One that explains the kid thing
3. Guest Post: A rebuttal from my dad
4. The Doctors Daughter
5. A long way from "math is tough"

Top 5 "John moments" of 2011

1. His reaction his 30th birthday present, "Thank you for not putting roller skates in it any where."
Poster by the incomparable Adam Turman
John's 30th birthday present

2. Whilst getting my tattoo, "huh, you're far less of a whiney baby about this than I thought you would be. Actually you're far less a whiney baby than I was when I got mine."

3. His response to me asking if I can buy ghost chili flakes, "You don't need to trespass into the realm of weapons grade food."

4. His response to me sending him cupcakes at work during bout week to avoid the traditional "I hate the derby rant", "For all I know you poisoned them...so I shared them with people."

5. To our niece, "Elizabeth if you keep fussing and crying your mom and dad will lose you in the move."

Top 5 "songs I will never get sick of" in 2011







Anne Marie said…
I love you <3 I am so happy to have contributed to your year! I miss you lots and have started saving to come visit!