Life is too short to remove USB safely

John and I were talking about resolutions the other day. I informed him that I had two resolutions, do epic shit and get him out doing stuff. He was fairly emphatic that I couldn't resolve to make him do things. Apparently that's not a resolution that's being bossy.

His resolution is to make my life a little more uncomfortable. He wants to  run around the house making books slightly askew, rearranging my kitchen and relabeling things. He might even, dare I say it, leave the cap off one of my pens. Gasp. That last one made me twitch.

Now I would like to suggest he has already done enough in the last few months to make my life as uncomfortable as possible. May I remind you of an incident on June 30th in which he burst into our bedroom at an ungodly hour informing me we were moving to Europe. Yes Johnathan, you have made my life uncomfortable enough for the next little while. No need to make any resolutions to be the rock in my shoe. The thorn in my side. The sand in my bathing suit.

However I would like to say in his weird, twisted, unwitting wisdom, he was on to something.

Hear me out.

Recently I was chatting with a friend (Hi Anne-Marie) about the future. Her future by the way is as bright as Brighton Pier as far as I'm concerned. We talking about being comfortable. Too comfortable. Comfortable with life, where you are, what you're doing, how things are. I mentioned to her we didn't realize how comfortable we had gotten with life until the day John burst into our bedroom at 7am and said we were moving to Switzerland. Our lives since landing in the land of Chocolate and Alps has been nothing but an experiment in living uncomfortable. But in a good way. We need to be made uncomfortable sometimes. Because we aren't we'll miss things. Big things, little things, mundane things. But things that could alter your course. Things that will kick off a life change you didn't realize you so very very badly needed but were too busy with route and status quo to acknowledge that you were drowning in "as is."

The theme of the last several months of our lives has been "uncomfortable." And I'm not just talking about our cheap Ikea couch. Leaving the place "where everybody knows your name" has taught what we were missing. It's taught us to stop and look. It's taught is to be brave (hello epic public transportation), humble (asking for help in a foreign country) and adventurous (to the Matterhorn!) It's taught us that life is too short to be comfortable. It's talk us to talk to each other. It's taught us difference between settling and settling down. It's taught us we need to dictate how we want to live our lives not how people (family or otherwise) THINK we should live our lives. And that sometimes you need to leave the world you know to appreciate it.

I like his resolution. I think I'll let him keep it.


Anne Marie said…
<333 I like it too. And I like you <3 and my shout out!!! Here's to being uncomfortable in 2012!