10 Warm Fuzzies

To get this picture I said,
"Come here, hold the gun...no I won't shoot you."
1. Nerf Guns!!! Johnathan and I love our N-Strike 6 shooters. We bought them on our first wedding anniversary. Most awesome thing ever. There are even house rules relating to the nerf guns;

5. No Nerf guns in the bedroom.
a) Modifying Nerf weapons to fire ordnance other than official Nerf-sanctioned ammo is strictly forbidden.
b) Should you come across an opponent who has run out of ammunition, you may "do them Execution Style."
c) While pistol-whipping isn't expressly forbidden, it is considered unsporting.

Then we moved...and they went into storage. For 6 months we have lived twitch and suspicion free. I went to Germany on Friday and brought home treats. Nerf gun treats. An automatic nerf battle ensued. This. Is. NORMAL. Oh how we've missed normal.

2. Tiaras. I love tiaras. I wore one for fun to school in high school. I didn't care. I just liked wearing one. I think I'm even wearing one in my grade 11 yearbook photo. If not my grade 12 picture. If not both. I had a history teacher use to love it when I did that. She once told me it was because it made her think of her mothers high school formal picture. The tiara I wore in high school was metallic pink with a a heart design and I think it was meant for little girls. It was purchased in the kids section of Claires by a dear friend I lost contact with years ago. She gave it to me when I moved away at the end of the 9th grade. She said it would make me brave. 

My dad picked out my wedding tiara. I actually use my wedding tiara during NaNoWriMo  as my "thinking tiara." My best friend posted this on my bookface wall the other day and I think it perfectly expresses how I feel about tiaras.

3. This conversation with John
John: Did you buy new running leggings in Germany?
Tatiana: Yes, they're sweat wicking and all that fancy stuff.
John: Are you thinking of going back to running?
Tatiana: Yes, I have those apps on my ipod I might as well use them.
John: Yeah you should probably use those...our "gym membership budget" was spent on going to London for your birthday.

4. An email I got from my dear Michelle. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time I needed it. It wasn't what she thought I needed, it was what she KNEW I needed. She's 7000km away and she just knew.

5. I got a box of love from Jamie this week. Full of awesome. Full of thoughtful. Full "she loves me". Oh and pencils. I may have an obsession with pens granted but PENCILS....oooh pencils they make my heart sing.

6. I love the fact I can tell people off in two languages.

7. Our apartment currently has a wonderful scent of smoked meat wafting through it. Whilst we eat mostly a vegetarian diet because it's easier on our pocket book but when we find meat on sale it usually ends up in our smoker. In this case it's beef with a lovely homemade coffee chipotle rub. 

8. John came into the kitchen whilst I was making dinner. I was listening to my iPod. He asked if I had found the surprise he had put on there. I hadn't. Turns out he put this on there. 

9. I heard it was -38 back home this week. I laughed hysterically!! Sure it's January and it's raining here but you know what? It's not -38 bahahahahahahahaha! And yes I'm sure it's a dry cold. I know. I use to tell people that too.

10. My mother yelled at me this week on the phone for saying I was going to be 28 in March (apparently I am wrong, I will be 8 and she will hear no more about it.) 


  1. "And yes I'm sure it's a dry cold. I know. I use to tell people that too." HAHAHAHA I LOVE CANADA!
    No seriously it's cold. Stay where you are. In the east it's not even dry cold. Just effing cold.

    In other news, I miss you. I think I may try and write some letters today! Perhaps one of them will make it's way across the ocean!

  2. It's your mom that is turning 28 in March, not you. Remember that and don't forget to send a card!


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