Love hate relationship

Circa 2008
Moving here required us to get rid of a vast majority of our worldly possessions. One day I'll write a post about what its like to get rid of most of your stuff in three weeks but right now I want to focus on the hardest part of our purge. My kitchen stuff. I avoided it like the plague. My kitchen is my happy place. I didn't want to dismantle my happy place.

When John and I got hitched he had pots and pans that he had had since his second year of University. Those horrible teflon pots and pans you buy every University student who finally moves out on their own and must take over making their own ramen. I HATED those pots and pans. Hated them. They were inconsistent in heat conduction, you couldn't heat them to high or the teflon would flake off (yummy) and for teflon cookware everything seemed to stick to them. Wow did I hate them. So very much. I would fawn over and pet better cookware sets when given the opportunity. After one too many overcooked tuna steaks I sprang for a $30 lagostina ovenproof pan and very unceremoniously threw out our existing pan. Take that crappy college cookware.  

Then in March 2008 almost two years after I married and moved in with the husband he came into the livingroom of our basement apartment. The following conversation occurred. 

J: If I tell you about this will you promise never to harass me about any kitchen item ever
T: I cannot guarantee anything. 
J: What if it had Lagostina in the title?
T: Keep talking buddy man
J: Currently at Canadian tire they have an 11 piece set of Lagostina pots on sale for $178. Normally, $500.
J: Yes, I'll check the website to see if they still have stock.
T: Hurry hurry hurry!!
J: The site says they have some in stock. Call the store just in case
*I get on the phone and fight with their automated system and then hang up after getting no where and then call again but this time just dial 6 to speak with someone in customer service.*
T: Put your shoes on we're going to Canadian Tire!

I licked it so no one would take them
So off to Canadian Tire. Upon our return home I gleefully threw out the husbands old cookware with what he likes to call my "crazy smile" across my face. There might have been maniacal laughter. Normally I would have donated them. But these were so bad I threw them out. I then gleefully pulled out my new beauties.

When we purged my kitchen this summer I actually cried at the thought of getting rid of my beautiful set of pots. Yes I cried over my cookware. I am that lame. John promised to replace it. He promised to replace a lot of things. I gave my cookware away to a dear derby girl/foodie Countess Bashory (hi Countess!) I know she loves it as much as I loved it.

When we got here and we were spending way too much time at Ikea I had a moment in the Kitchen department. I cried. Yes I cry over cookware. I'm lame okay!! During this trip Johnathan chucked a 10 franc set of three pots and a 10 franc pan into the cart. My heart broke. We were truly starting over in every facet of our life. I was stuck with college cookware again. And because it was from Ikea I had to attach the handles to the pots myself. Sigh.

Things stick to them. Things burn (and no it's not my cooking). They're too small to do anything in big batches. But I took the advice to Tim Gunn. I made it work. In September Johnathan found a Le Cruset for things like soup and chili. I like to pet it when John isn't looking. But I still have my Ikea pieces of bend mental masquerading as cookware.

I've been a firm believer in making do with what you have. It something my parents taught me from a very young age. We didn't have a lot when I was growing up and we made due. I wore hand me downs. We only had Homemade playdoh. I had the same bedroom furniture from the age of 3 or 4 to the age of about 16 or 17. My parents didn't have a lot of money. But they made it work. So I made do. I had to. We had something to make food in and that's all that matters. I knew eventually Johnathan would keep his promise and get me nice cookware.

Saturday afternoon we took the bus hither and yon doing some errands. John has been away so much that there have been things that needed to be purchased but I needed him there when the purchase was made. Mostly because he's the muscle in our relationship and some of the things we need are heavy. I may be a strong independent woman but I'm not carrying a vacuum cleaner up a hill.

At our last stop I walked past WMF. EPIC kitchen store! Favourite kitchen implement store next to the Happy Cooker in Winnipeg. Sure you feel like you're spending money just looking but they were having a sale. Cue crazy smile.
Circa 2011
Cookware. Glorious heavy bottomed stainless steel glass lids of awesomeness. WMF cookware. 500 franc cookware. ON SALE! Johnathan knew immediately we weren't leaving without that cookware. 179 francs. Yes another 500 dollar cookware set for 179. Johnathan can't decide if that's creepy or if he's been bamboozled by a global price fixing cookware scheme.

It seems so trivial and slightly materialistic but crappy cookware makes me hate cooking. We left a lot of stuff behind in Canada. Or as I like to occasionally remind Johnathan, I had a lot of stuff taken away from me to come here. One of those things was my love of cooking because I felt like I had come so very far with my abilities in the kitchen only to have it grind to a halt because I was dealing with inferior kitchen stuff. Sure you CAN sear duck breast in an Ikea frying pan but it's not the best idea.

I still have an Ikea frying pan. I'll make it work. But these WMF pots...they're making it awesome to cook again.

Oh yes and it's mine...I licked it.


Anonymous said…
You are hilarious. Also, I'm beginning to think the strange in me is prairie-bred, cause while I have not yet licked any cook pots, I do have a reputation for greeting my and all my friends' new kitchen appliances with heartfelt hugs. This is regarded as very weird, cause I don't hug people. But get me within inches of a Bosch or Whirlpool and I'm the most affectionate person ever. Hey, we're headed East after Christmas for a few days - so Merry Christmas. Hope it's wonderful. Joanne
Jaim said…
I like your hair here.