A different kind of anniversary

Today is a very different kind of anniversary for me. Today is the 2 year anniversary of WRDL's first public bout EVER! 2 years ago we were in Fargo, North Dakota finally seeing for real and for true what a real bout looked like. This was the first time WRDL played as a travel team.

This was before I was benchmarked. This was before I was Jam Buster. This was before I was a Valkryie. Before John was John Buster and before I was a chair of a committee. This was after they found out I was just way to nice but before they found out when I felt strongly about something I cried. Long before I was a member of the board. This was before we had enough people for  home teams. We had 1 ref and we were still trying to figure out how to be a "big girl" league. There were many changes a foot when this picture was taken, we just didn't realize it yet. We hadn't had our first home game yet. We still didn't have major sponsors. We were still the only league in our province. 

I drove down with the husband and worked the merch table and took notes during the game. 

Then when John and I got back to our hotel room I cried. I knew I hadn't been trying as hard as I could at this new found hobby. I knew I could be good enough but it was hard. I didn't like that it was hard. Things like this had always come so easy to me. Derby was hard. But it was worth it. 

So much has changed since that night. We've become a big girl league. We have more than one ref. We have home teams. We've had a season. We've had a championship. We've made a name for ourselves in the derby community.  We've grown up. We're no longer an awkward adolescent. 

How do I even remember this? Well I'm a nerd and I blog everything so I had immortalized the event in my blog. But also it was a significant turning point in my derby career. It lead to some very important conversations and some very important moments of self discovery.  About 2 month later I was finally benchmarked, I chose my derby name, I was on a home team, we had our first home bout in front of a sold out crowd. Our future was so bright and it still is. 

Happy Anniversary guys. Take a moment if you can and remember where we've come from. How hard it was but how worth it it was because it could be taken away from you. I never thought WRDL could be taken from me...then I moved to Switzerland. And I had to start living life without you all. I hope you never have to find out what that feels like. There is a big difference between leaving like I did and leaving because you want to. I didn't want. I had to. I miss you more than I think you realize. So I will take some time to think about my time with you all and smile and maybe even cry a little because it wouldn't mean anything if Jam Buster didn't cry.


Sarah said…
1. I am so glad that you posted this because I had been wondering for awhile when my first bout was.
2. This is my derby anniversary completely. My first bout ever. My first time on a mic, first derby party and first pantless derby experience.
3. Your league will always be special to me because I had this experience that changed my whole life with you lovely ladies. What a trip!