That's how many days 9 years is.

In 9 years I have:

Traveled to Europe twice
Met John
Married John
Graduated from University
Moved back to my home city
Moved to Switzerland
Became Jambuster
Found my career path
Wrote thousands of words
Hugged his favourite weather lady
Bought my first car
Learned about gardening
Learned about him
Grew up

And he unfortunately missed it all.

I know in my heart he would have been the first on our door step when we moved here.
Wild horses couldn't keep him away.


SARcasm said…
I thought I commented on this but it didn't seem to go through ...

I just wanted to say, as my grampa is on his own homeward journey right now, that this really spoke to my heart Tatiana. Beautiful. Thank you for writing it. XO