10 Warm fuzzies

1. Watching my mom cook via skype on Thursday. I got home from Germany and I skyped her so I could show her all the wonderful stuff I found for amazing prices. She was finishing what she was putting in the slow cooker. So she finished and I had a snack. It was remarkably and unabashedly normal. Mom making food, me sitting there eating a snack.

2. As of late I've been really taught to take a moment and appreciate. Switzerland has had an amazing effect on the husband and I. We are taking time far more often to just stop and appreciate. Amazing things happen when you actually stop and smell the roses. Or in our case. Stop and look at the mountains. Even just walking to the train station has the ability to make me stop and go, "oooooh pretty."

3. Johnathan comes home tomorrow. I'm so OVER him being away. He was in Indonesia and Malaysia on business and being important. I don't mind when he travels but this one has been a particularly long trip and I'm getting so tired of being exceptionally witty and there is no one here to hear it.

4. These oven fries. Seriously, make them. Make them EXACTLY as the recipe suggests. They are perfect. I've been trying for YEARS to find the perfect way to do home fries. They always end up over done or soggy and not what you picture home fries should be. I think my mother described them best, "I've made home fries since you were little and these are the most perfect I've made." I'm 27 that should tell you how long my mother has been looking for the perfect recipe.

5. The christmas gift I got John is EPIC!!! I would tell you what it is but for the first time in our relationship he as actually started reading my blog so I can't tell you what it is.

6. John has started reading my blog...I've been blogging since before I met him. We've been together for 8 almost 9 years. We've been married for just over 5 of those year. This is the first time he's read my blog ever without me telling him to.

7. I was in Germany on Thursday. This meant several things, I could understand what people were saying on the first try (I can understand swiss German if people speak slowly but I reply in high German), I could buy the three kids in our life outfits for the price of buying one of them an outfit in Switzerland, and they have our brand of Bourbon!!! Still haven't found our brand of rum though.

8. Yesterday myself and a dear ex-pat friend and I went to a Christmas Bazaar at a local church. It was the cutest little church (am I allowed to describe churches as cute?) They had used books. I have a weakness for used books. But I was good and only walked away with two. One of them was the most recent boo, Irma Voth, by my favourite mennonite authors Miriam Toews (she spoke at my University grad) and a copy of Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynn Truss (my copy is currently in storage in Canada.) A book about home and a book about the other love of my life, grammar.

9. This song...me thinks this will be my 2012 theme song.

10. Have I mentioned I get my husband back tomorrow?


  1. Couldn't quite come up with ten, so you had to repeat yourself.

  2. Jonathan is reading your blog because he misses you!


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