What we've learn so far 3 months edition

Three months ago today we pulled away from the apartment we had spent the last 3 years calling home. Everything that was coming with us to Switzerland was in the trunk of our Aveo. I spent the night at a league meeting (that's right WRDL I spent my last few hours in Winnipeg at a league meeting.)  When I arrived home the inspection had been done our apartment was empty and John and I stared at each other and said, "Holy shit!" We pulled away from our home with this song on the car stereo (thank you shuffle function on my Ipod.) I actually get emotional thinking about that song.

We stopped at one of our favourite Winnipeg eateries for chili dog and sat under their beautiful neon sign and smiled and laughed and both tried our best to hide our insanely back flipping nerves.

We spent the night in Teulon with John's Aunt and Uncle. We kind of slept. We left the country on the 29th. That was 3 months ago tomorrow.

Although if you ask the husband we've been here for 6 months. Yes he's brilliant, yes the UN hired him, yes he's smart enough that he doesn't need to work at it, yes he sat in on official UN meetings this week with translators and earpieces but don't ask him about how long we've been here. He always get it wrong. 2 months in he said we'd already been here for 4 months. Sigh...jebus love him.

Here's your 3 months check in because I had written I might feel different in three months the last time I posted about what we'd learned so far.

1. I really should have paid attention in french class. In my defense my french instruction was sporadic at best. I was a German Immersion student I took exactly exactly half a year of once a week classes in french in the 4th grade at school. We learned french songs and that's all I remember. They removed the french requirement from the German Immersion program when I was in the 5th grade. We moved to a different province over Christmas that year. When french rolled around my first day in my new school I panicked. I told my teacher I didn't know french. She basically told me I would figure it out. Sigh. I was in class with kids that had taking french since Kindergarten. Crap. I never liked taking french, I never really cared about it. I was already completely bilingual so I didn't see the point. I dropped it after grade 9. Then I found myself in the French speaking portion of Switzerland...my German couldn't save me.

2. Whilst there was a serious lack of Ompa Lompas the Chocolate factory was probably one the coolest places ever.

3. When ever I hear a child get disciplined in German I feel like I've done something wrong. Yes I know I'm not the one being reprimanded but when you grow up in a German family hearing someone get lectured in German makes you have heart palpitations.

4.  We haven't been forgotten about by those who love us back home.

5. Skype is amazing. It lets us attend Birthday parties, play peek-a-boo, talk for 2.5 hours with my stepford derby wife, see our cat, see home and confuse the husbands grandmother a little.

6. When I speak high German people understand me....crazy!! On top of that, I get complimented on my German speaking skills. You can take credit for that one mom and dad.

7. The ex-pat community here is wonderful. They're helpful and very much have the attitude of "we're all in this together." We have made some wonderful friends who are in the same situation we are.

8. I can do amazing things with 3 pots, 1 frying pan, 1 Le Crueset pot and a few baking sheets. Every night is still a little bit like an episode of Chopped but we're getting there.

9. Home is where we are not where our stuff is.

10. Regardless of what country we're in John still hates it when I leave towels on the bed.

11. We're still in love with this country.


Jaimée said…
I'm so glad things are going awesomely for you Llama!