10 Warm fuzzies

Here are a few things that are currently rockin' my world;

1. Planning for NaNoWrimo. Usually I have a life therefore no time but this year for the first time life isn't getting in the way. I actually get to put thought into my NaNo novel. How fantastic!!! However, that still doesn't mean I'm probably going to write by the seat of my pants for the most part.

2.  This cookbook. My best friend Jamie is a teacher and she'll be taking her students on a trip to Europe this spring. To raise funds for the trip they put together a cookbook. Love it. You should buy one!! No really you should. For 15 bucks you'll be supporting students experiencing Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and Normandy. Let me know if you want one and I'll totally hook you up.
3. The fact that we can say things like, "Want to go to Italy for the day?" Or, "Hey let's just hope on a train and head to Germany." Or, "Want to spend Sunday at the Matterhorn?"

4. This song

5. Oh and this song too

6. What THIS picture represents
This is the UN Passport that belongs to a boy that grew in a town of 200 people, graduated with the same 15 people he went to Kindergarten with and spent his summers working on roofs with his dad starting at age 12. No it doesn't get him diplomatic immunity. But it does allow him to stand in short lines at airports when he's traveling for work. Oh how far you've come!

7. The crayons my mom sent with my dad from Canada. Hooray for a 64 box with sharpener of crayolas!!!

8. The beef stroganoff I made for dinner last night. I used this recipe. Yes you need to braise the beef in the oven low and slow for 4 hours but seriously it's so worth it. So very very worth it. Oh and there's no "cream of" anything in it. Even better.

9. John has started growing his beard!!! Yay for a fuzzy face!

10. My new coat!
Yes I'm wearing my white sunday gloves...what of it?

Bonus warm fuzzy: John's last name in swiss German actually means Sheep or mutton. Every single time I see sheep I say, "Hey look John, hamels!!" Then I have a giggle fit. We saw a black one yesterday and I said, "Hey, a black hamel...I'll call it Johnathan! Get it...black sheep?" He glared at me. I thought it was funny.


  1. Love your coat!!It's amazing!
    I also love that beef stroganoff recipe, I have some beef, and I was looking for a good recipe! Thanks Llama!

  2. Love this coat!!! Miss you.


  3. I would LOVE to get as cookbook and support the trip! Can I still get one?


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