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I find myself in an interesting situation. It's not writers block, no. It's writers glut I think. I have an overwhelming amount of stuff in my head I want to share but I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out WHAT to tell you. What to write about. What to share. I'm seriously having what best can be described as a sensory overload.

So here is where you my readers (and I totally know I have at least 5) come in. What do you want to know. Ask me anything about life here, what I'm up to, what I made for dinner last night, about my book. It doesn't have to be about Switzerland but it can be. It can be about anything. You can even ask me to take pictures of stuff for you. Okay, scratch that the only question that is off limits is, "When are you having a kid?" (I'm looking at you Mom) because the answer to that will be, "for dinner but we can't eat a whole one just the two of us so feel free to stop by." Oh asking it anyway because I said not to isn't cute, it's annoying.

Question limit is 5.

I just find myself in a place of not being sure what to tell you. It's weird. I have so many words but I can't figure out which ones to use.


  1. Ok well my questions is are you game and willing to complete my task list and then write a post telling us all about your adventure?

  2. 1/5 - Ok so question one from me is when does Dylan come home to Switzerland? (I'm assuming he hasn't because no pictures or stories or the like have been shared yet, and if he has SHAME ON YOU for not posting and picturing immediately) really you had to know that'd be my first question, the rest will come later...

  3. 1. Do you have any derby buddies that want your knee and wrist pads? I just noticed them in a box leftover from the garage sale, and it seems like they need a home!

    2. What is your favourite tea? I just picked up a Pumpkin Chai tea at Davids Tea yesterday and I'm obsessed with it now. So good!

    3. I'm coming to visit tomorrow (theoretically - however Ryan and I are seriously talking about it for after wedding times, maybe spring, have to work around Jamie's plans :)!), do you have any favourite places or things you've wanted to do but haven't gotten there yet that you would take me?

    4. Do you ever regret we didn't start a glam rock duo (since our band turned out to be jerks)?

    5. What is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a really great pair of heels? (Inner debate is currently happening on this, I need a second opinion).

  4. Here are some Weeds.

    1. What is your best and worst qualities?
    2. Who would you NOT want to be stuck on an elevator with?
    3. What is your favorite possession?


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