What we have learned so far

1. We are 7067.4km from where we use to live according to John's Garmin.
2. There are many many tall, blond, healthy looking people here. We are only 1 of those 3. Therefore we must work on the other two.
3. We are going to to need to get bikes. Whilst they seem super friendly towards those on roller blades and I'm going to assume they have the same feelings towards roller skates, I simply will not use them as my main mode of transportation.
4. The Swiss love fireworks. We love fireworks. Therefore we love the Swiss.
5. When they say the fireworks for the Swiss National Day will be at 10:30...they are at 10:30 damnit! None of this, "when it gets dark" nonsense we get on Canada day.
6. Johnathan was quite disappointed when I told him that a "Kunst Gallerie" was not what he thought it might be.
7. They love them some Einstein here. Even though he's not from here at all but merely developed his theory of relativity here whilst working in the Patent Office here during the war.
8. I need to speak up when speaking German. Barely above a whisper just won't do.
9. Children and pets are so well behaved it's almost unsettling.
10. You can pretty much walk anywhere.
11. All buses and trams eventually end up at the trainstation. So when in doubt just go to the train station.
12. Bus tickets can be bought from a little automated machine at all bus stops. GENIUS!!!!!!
13. I must remember that tights with short shorts is trendy here...it doesn't mean every woman I see is a derby girl.
14. Shoes....oh sweet mother of jebus the shoes!!
15. Not only are they proud of their cheese, chocolate and watches they also sell a lot bed. They're totally into beds.
16. It's all very orderly here. We were watching the fireworks yesterday when I noticed someone had knocked over all the oversized outdoor chess pieces. Well moments later a random citizen came along and moved them all back into place.
17. Whilst it is legal to walk down the street with an open container of alcohol we have yet to witness any public intoxication.
18. I realized last night that my soul food is just regular food here (ein wurst mit ein brotchen...sausage with a roll) and that made me exceedingly happy.
19. When all else fails, someone always speaks English.
10. We are in love. Though we're pretty sure we'll feel differently in about three months when we want some KD and our family. But right now, all is well.


Jamie said…
This makes my heart smile.
Macy said…
This is a fantastic update! It makes me happy. I love hearing tidbits--it blows my mind what an adventure you've embarked on! I know we weren't close in proximity to begin with--but now you feel even farther away. Keep on with the updates and pictures!
Jaimée said…
Yay Llama! I'm glad all is well so far. :)
Anonymous said…
This all sounds so awesome, I'm glad for both of you. It's funny I was thinking about those giant chess sets just the other day.
Bleuberry said…
Wow - sounds so cool so far! We made some Swiss friends while visiting Costa Rica and have been invited to come visit them there... your post makes me want to go even more!! :-)