Life as we know it

Everything is different now. I am gainfully unemployed in a foreign country. The husband works for a branch of the United Nations. Everything we hold near and dear is either in boxes in my youngest sister-in-laws former play house or in one of our four suitcases.Our cat is currently living with my parents until we're settled. I'm having to convert everything into francs and I'm finding myself thankful for being raised bilingual. We're depending on each other like never before and we're having to just let things go that would normally cause a fight. We're far away from our Monkey, our Tater and our Zombie Snack (and I could easily go bankrupt just buying them clothing word the kids clothing.) We've been living in a hotel until we can get the keys for our apartment (TODAY!) We're far away from family. Home. Familiarity.

But we wouldn't change this experience for anything in the world!