A letter to a little boy

Photo swiped from my best friend
My dear sweet Nater the Tater,

I heard a rather shocking rumour about you. The rumour mill seems to be teaming with gossip that you, you my godson of awesome, is turning 1 years old tomorrow. Impossible I declare. Inconceivable!! Noooooooo!!!!! Sadly it's true. You will be 1. As much as your mother and I declare that you are not.

You turning 1 means several things. First it means you've spent the last 365 days traveling around the sun. Awesome. Second, that your mother and I are a year older. Not as awesome. Third it means you're a year older. I am undecided about the awesomeness level of this.

A year ago today I wrote the following in my private blog,

Tomorrow my dear wonderful amazing best friend you are giving life. How truly tremendous!! How breath taking!! How totally wicked and awesome!!

And now with the birth of Nater (the tater) a mere hours away my heart feels like it will explode with love.

I may or may not have also told your mom "May the force be with you." Yes, your godmama is a bit of a nerd but at the time it's what made sense. It's the only thing that came to mind. This shouldn't come as a surprise to you though, we DID buy you a Darth Vader shirt that you just rocked!! You totally did...ask your mom.

Your birthday is bittersweet for you godpapa and I. We're very far away. So. very. far away. And we've had to accept the fact that there will be a big celebration of you that we will be missing. There will be pictures and cake and fun and family and joy. All of which we regretfully will have to miss. You see what happened is that your godpapa and I are on our own most excellent adventure that we will tell you all about when you're older. For now please know, we love you all the way from Switzerland.

For your birthday we wish you the following;

1. Adventure. One is a great age. There is so much to learn, see, experience and discover. We know you've recently discovered crawling and climbing. Just wait little one, just wait until the whole walking thing happens, that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

2. Language. Like I said walking will blow your mind but communication will just floor you. Suddenly you'll find yourself being understood rather than vaguely interpreted. Words are a gift and I can't wait for you to open this gift and therefore expand your world in ways you can't even imagine. Heck, I'm 27 years old and I'm still floored by words and the beautiful thing they are.

3. Stay this little. Please. We tried with your big sister but it didn't seem to work so this is our last ditch effort. Please Tater but get big. Being a grown up is not fun. Trust me on this, it's not. You don't want to do it and you should do your best to avoid it. If you stay little you won't get your heart broken by some girl that is unworthy (unless it's my Niece...you will meet...fall in love....get married because we said so.) You won't become jaded. You won't stop believing in things like Santa, the tooth fairy and if you kill the batteries in a toy they can never be replaced. I'm willing to let you get as old as 5 but after that...no more!!

We wish these three things for you and so much more. We wish you happiness, joy, love, so very noisy toys and clothing with ears on the hoods. We wish you much cake, ice cream and a few other things you're probably not suppose to give babies. I wish you a sugar crash of epic proportions and so very much familial love it's almost obnoxious.

So tomorrow your godpapa and godmama will quietly celebrate the amazingness that is you and your entry into the world with a piece of cake, smile and thoughts that are very far away. Thoughts that are with you at home in Canada. With your mom, dad and your big sister Monkey. 

You. Are. loved. Little one.

In total denial and with hearts that still feel like they'll explode with love,

Your godparents of not as awesome as you and your sister but still pretty great in the grand scheme of things.