A kid in a candy store!!

Well more like an adult fdouche  (food douche....I hate the word foodie) was told about the upper middle class department store with an AMAZING grocery store!!

*Note* All department stores here have a grocery store in them. I like that.

I did a quick sweep of the store this morning then after John was done at the office I dragged him there. If only to show him the fresh pasta counter I had found. Yes step aside meat and fish counter...they have a fresh pasta counter!!

Whilst there the second time around I got myself for fun stuff. I've been trying to restock our kitchen since we jumped good-ship living in Canada and this will be a long and tiresome process so I decided to have some fun. Yes, this is my idea of fun. And really anyone who has ever looked in any of my cupboards or fridge knows, I don't always have the most normal stuff on hand.

Umami! I found it in the spice section!
I'm super excited to use it! Yes, I know how to use it.
Yes that actually says, "American Smokey Spice"
Not only is the name hilarious but looking at what's in it
made me realize it's what I would call barbecue rub.

This little gem cost me 8 Swiss Francs ($9 canadian)
It's probably no more than 2 tablespoons.
It's black truffle butter.
Yes butter with black truffle in it.
Be still my heart.

Side note: I held in my hand today a jar that contained 3 actual black truffles...85 Swiss francs. I also held in my hand a white winter truffle...100 Swiss Francs. According to John unless I want nothing for my birthday or christmas I will not spend between 80 and 100 Swiss francs on a fungus.

WOOHOO a Doritos stand in.
I haven't dared open the bag yet. 
I also did something today that I haven't done since we lived in Brandon. I packed John's lunch. Whilst John has access to a cafeteria at work it's a little pricey. Though worth every penny. It just could get a little costly. So this is what he's taking tomorrow.

At the top you've got an antipasto of:
Green olives
Black olives
Truffles Salami
Mozzerella balls
Mixed greens.

Note: Traditional antipasto has tomatoes...John would rather die than eat a tomato on its own.

In the the bento box we have:
A kiwi (with kiwi spoon...that's the green thing)
Some Rye bread
That white stuff is fresh cream cheese
Gummy candies (next to the kiwi)

Yes I included a fork and knife
Yes I wrote a note on his napkin.

Yes I'm happy to be in my kitchen again!


  1. Oh yay!! I'm happy for you!! I love that you packed his lunch and wrote a note and I love that you're finding your happy place in your beloved kitchen again.

    I saw that we were both pinning lunch ideas. I just bought a new lunch cooler for Joe that has much more room and some new tupperware/containers so I can stop using little plastic baggies. I'm excited to get a little more creative with his lunch (and my own, for that matter)

    Your antipasto looks so yummy. And Joe would die if he had to eat a tomato too. haha.

  2. Perfect für mein Stück Butterbrod. Smear it on real thick.

  3. And (!!!) how were the Dorito stand-ins????


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