I am loved

How do I know? This picture.

That would be Paindexter, Portage, Frisky Kitty and Sinfully Sweet. 4 of the most awesome derby family members anyone could ask for. What the heck are they doing? The conqueror thankyouverymuch. There are endless pictures of me doing this pose (including my original WRDL headshot). It quickly became known in the league as "the Tatiana." The caption on the picture was, "For Jambuster" (thank you for taking that picture Kelly...thank you so much)

But it's not just this picture. This picture is the best visual example that I am loved. It's the emails *coughthankyoumichellecough*, the comments on my blog, the FB messages, the notes on my FB wall, it's everything. After feeling so alone and so lost I was hit by a semi truck of love. I wasn't alone. I wasn't lost. I am loved. I am missed and I am cared about. And it's always been there...all that love and good engery. But I just couldn't see it.

I see it now.

Thank you for all the love. The joy and the fact that you all stepped in when I needed you most even though I am 7000km away.

Oh and that picture will be framed and put in my writing room as a reminder.