I like you so much I'd move to Switzerland with you...oh wait...

These two people are moving to Berne Switzerland. These two people were also in a car accident last night and the one in the white dress hasn't even yelled at the one in the tux about it. They're okay, the hood of their Aveo...not so much.

I can assure you that when these two were walking down the aisle almost 5 years ago the notion of moving overseas together had never crossed their minds. And if it had it would have fallen into the category of "that would be nice one day."

I can also assure you though that the couple that is walking down the aisle in that picture is not the same couple that last night was trying to decide which DVDs are coming to Switzerland and which DVDs are going into storage.

The couple in that picture is younger, thinner, naive and waiting for adventure. The couple that was complaining about having a metric crap tonne of books is older, wiser, heavier and waiting for a new adventure but they've had so very many already. That's the beauty of marriage and being a couple and life. Nothing stays the same for long. And it shouldn't.

This is the biggest thing John and I have ever done in our marriage. This is the biggest decision we've ever made and this adventure will top all other adventures we've had to date.

Things are very uncertain right now. The only thing we know for a fact that this moment is that we're leaving and John starts his job on August 8th. Everything else is up in the air. That's kind of scary and kind of exciting all at the same time.

I should explain the whos the whats the where the wherefores and whatnots.

Our story begins three years ago. Johnathan applied for a job with the Red Cross in Geneva. He did a phone interview then when we didn't hear about phase two by the deadline they had given we promptly forgot about it. Then the called and wanted to fly him there for the second interview. He was gone for a total of 72 hours. Shortest trip to Europe ever. Other job prospects came up afterwards from other companies and we ended up relocating to Winnipeg with Switzerland still being in the back of our heads. We did finally hear from the Red Cross. They liked Johnathan but his french wasn't quite up to par.

Every so often between then and now John would mention he applied for job in random countries. My first question was always, "Do they have derby there?" And then I wouldn't hear much about it. John did a telephone interview a few weeks ago for a job with the Universal Postal Union, a branch of the UN. They informed him a few days later they wanted to do a skype interview. The interview was obscenely long and it involved 5 or so skills tests. After that is was final decision time. We would know by the end of the week of the beginning of the following week.

This is how the conversation went down when we found out.

Scene 6:45 AM last Thursday

John: TATIANA!! I got an email!
Tatiana: *growl* whyareyouwakingmeupforanemailihopeyoudie *ungodly growl*
John: Wake up we're moving to Switzerland
Tatiana: Huh wait what we're doing what? What time is it? What? DUDE!!!!
John: We're moving to Switerzland. They offered me the job!
Tatiana: I feel like I'm going to throw up.

End scene

It's been a downhill run ever since. We called family, we called friends, we told our employers, we told random stangers, we told the cat, we anyone that will listen. Hell we'll tell people that we're not sure if they're listening. We don't care we're moving to Berne Switzerland.

John will be installing financial software. There will be some travel to Asia (woohoo). I will be um...hanging out?! Not sure yet what I'll do with myself. I'll probably do some writing, look for an ESL job, maybe consider being in Au Pair. Who knows. The future is ridiculously bright.

We're taking the bare necessities and Dylan. Life is scary and grand and busy and intense and wonderful and complicated right now. But we wouldn't want it any other way.


Anonymous said…
Dylan is not an essential????
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you're taking Dylan with you, other-wise I know one of us would end up with another cat...

~ Elissa
Macy said…
The best line: "I feel like I'm going to throw up". It's a completely perfect response.

I can only imagine the nerves that come along with doing something this HUGE!! We did just up and move across the country so I understand a tiny bit---but y'all are moving to an entirely NEW country. So crazy and awesome!

An au pair would give lots of fun stories!! I would want to compare nanny notes with you from all those years I spent nannying. Whatever it is you decide to do with yourself I can't wait to hear all about it.

Congrats on the job, John! I'd like to know if Dylan helped you out with your Skype interview by laying across your keyboard or flicking his tail past the webcam.