Day 24- A letter to your parents.

My family circa 2002
Dear Mom and Daddy,

First let me say this. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a picture of just the three of us? That oldest kid you had, you know the one before me, the accident prone one...yeah Johnny...he's. in. EVERYTHING! Just saying. But of course you both being oldest children, I'm going to assume you're not that sympathic to my plight.

I've waxed poetic about you both more times than I can remember in my blogs. But I don't think I've ever spoken about you much together which is odd considering you've spent over 30 years together and 27 of which was spent trying to parent me. Which honestly, if I could, I would give you a purple heart for. I'm not an easy kid to parents. If I may quote you both, "If we had had you first, we wouldn't have had more kids." I think it speaks volumes about you both that neither of you killed me with your bare hands. Especially considering the sheer number of times one or both of you have had to explain me and/or my shenanigans to some sort of authority figure. And there has been a lot of explaining.

Life hasn't always been easy for us as a family but we made it work. I like to think we lived by two principles, "this too shall pass" and "It could be worse" (one of those is my next've been warned.) And I attribute the fact that I turned out so well because of both of your constant reminders of those two things. The way I experience life is shaped by those two sayings and I will forever be thankful for that. It prevents me from focusing on the negative. What it does is that it allows me to acknowledge the negative but not focus on it. Thank you for instilling that amazing ability.

To Mom, I know you don't "get" me. But at least you try, you've been trying for the last 27 years and that's kind of amazing. But I think you and I both know that we're complete opposites in a lot of way but we know that works for us. I think that's why you and Daddy work so well. You're almost nothing a like but you make it work. I know that no matter HOW CLEAN I am you will always find something to clean up (case in point, the crumbs behind my microwave.) I also know that no matter how much I sell you on the idea of putting bacon on Nachos you'll never do it because someone needs to heath concious in this family. Thank you for making me love making food for family and friends. Thank you for forcing me to take piano lessons. Thank you for telling me about your Mom whenever I asked. Thank you for occasionally saying, "You're wearing that?!" And thank you for never actively acting like you were embarrassed by my chosen attrive. Thank you for not getting the whole roller derby thing but trying by buying me lululemon shorts (they've become my bout shorts so no more sumo wrestler on my bum....well only at practice now.) Thank you for yelling, "Stop acting like your father!!" at least once a day.

To Daddy, the relationship I have with you in one I have trouble putting into words. There is something truly remarkable about the fact that you not only dropped me off on my first day of school ever but also handed me my degree (and drove me home on my last day of school ever.) You can run rings around me logically and you delight in one upping me on a weekly basis (if not daily.) You're frank with me and pretty much forced me to develope a thick skin (readers: my dad edited one of my papers in my first year of University and I cried.) I wouldn't want it any other way. I know no matter how hard I try you'll always be the best at pretty much everything I attempt but I'm cool with that. I also know that regardless of where I am in life you will always know best. Thank you for delighting in driving mom batty. Thank you forcing me to practice piano...even when I was crying whilst practicing. Thank you for coming to as many rugby games as humanly possible. Thank you for liking Johnathan (I think you actually like him more than you like me sometimes which is cool...he's got that new car smell.) Thank you for making think and therefore making me dangerous in a classroom.

To the pair of you, you've given me an example of what makes a marriage work which will forever be a blessing on my own marriage. You were always honest with me that it wasn't always easy to love each other, or even like each other but you plodded along and made it work. You also were always good at pointing out that just because something worked for you doesn't mean it will work for Johnathan and I. Also you made it okay for us not to spend every hour or every day together. We're not that kind of couple and neither are you. If we spent as much time together as what people THINK couple of us would die.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write this. I guess part of me always assumed this stuff was just implied but I also know that just because you THINK someone ones something doesn't necessarily make it true.



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