It's a mom thing

To your left you will see my mom with her mom. Yes those ARE matching dresses (thank you for never doing that to me mom.) I don't really remember my Oma Maier. She died in February of 1986 right before my 2nd birthday (and her 25th wedding Anniversary.) I don't remember much about my Oma. Most of the stuff I know about her is all stuff people have told me. I only have 2 memories of her that I know are my own. Her putting curlers in her hair and that she wore an apron. One of my favourite stories about my Oma is one that was told to me by my dads sisters. The day after my parents wedding. My Oma and Opa hosted my dads family for a luncheon. Both my aunts have waxed poetic about how much food was there. 5 kinds of meat (give or take), 7 hand made fancy smancy tortes (give or take), side dishes for as far as the eye can see. Royal Dalton china plates for everyone (she had service for 18 I believe). Speaking of that china, it's currently waiting me to become a grown up and own a china cabinet. When my Opa remarried my Oma Regina had her own full set of china, my mother has her own full set as well. So being the only granddaughter (sorry boys!!) the china is waiting for me. I'm honoured by thought but also terrified. Thats important china. That china in a lot of ways represents my Oma, those are big hostess shoes to fill.

That is my paternal Oma on her wedding day. I love this picture for so very very many reasons. My grandparents look so happy, my Opa looks so handsome and one of the flower girls is sporting a black eye (a time honoured family tradition, the women in our family are tough broads.) The main reason I love this picture though is the bouquet. The story behind that bouquet speaks volumes about the kind of person my Oma is. My Opa picked out my Oma's bouquet. I know when I got married as much as I loved and trust John I would have fallen to pieces just letting him pick out my flowers and not seeing them or knowing anything about them until our wedding day. I can't think of ANY bride I've ever known that would trust their groom THAT much. But my Oma did. My Oma let my Opa worry about her bouquet. And he presented her with a bouquet of white carnations (which I learned were quite trendy wedding flower that year from an old newspaper article.) When we said goodbye to my Opa in 2002 we made sure to do it with a big bouquet of white carnations. And in honour of my Oma and her unwavering trust of my Opa I carried white carnations on my wedding day.

This is one of my top 5 favourite pictures from my wedding day. This is before the ceremony. I had just arrived at the church with the John and our wedding party. My mom had already seen me all decked out that day at home but she had also seen me in my jammies getting my hair done so really she hadn't seen me "the bride" until I walked into the church. She just happened to be standing in the foyer of the church when I walked in. I was wearing her veil and the necklace her mother wore at my parents wedding.We looked at each other and began to cry and she threw her arms around me. She told me she was proud. She told me her mom would have been proud. We had a bit of a moment. Out of all that went on on my wedding day (or as I call it the biggest blur of my life) I will always remember every second of that hug. Mom hugs are epic. Especially my moms hugs. My mom lives 4,399 kilometers away (thanks for rubbing it in google maps) so to me my moms hugs are precious. They instantly make everything okay.

If there was an in-law lottery I won the Jackpot. I have crazy respect for my mother-in-law. Not only did she raise 5 kids in rural Manitoba she managed to do it without killing my husband with her bare hands (he's the oldest of the 5.) She truly is a remarkable woman in so many ways. And I've almost forgiven her for not warning me about Johnathans habit of talking in his sleep. But seriously, from day one when Johnathan brought me home she's always made me feel like one of the family. She knows how hard it is to be a "married in" within my husbands family (before me there was only one other married in) so she really took me under her wing and showed me the ropes. She also makes sure I don't get eaten alive at family functions. For which I will be forever grateful.