You are remembered for the rules you break.

I'm stealing this from the lovely Carrie at Smile.Tri.Run.Repeat who in turn lovingly lifted it from Shut Up and Run! They both blogged about breaking rules and doing what we shouldn't do even though we know we shouldn't. We didn't have a lot of rules in our house when I was growing up. There were the obvious ones like, don't kill your brother and no reading at the dinner table but for the most part if it wasn't hurting me or other people my parents were cool with it generally. They didn't have a lot of rules so we didn't feel the need to break them. In a lot of ways I think my parents broke almost all conventional parenting rules. I think that's why I'm so well adjusted...depending on your definition of well adjusted.

10 Ways I Break the rules...

1. I wear rainbow stripped socks to job interviews. Sure I dress for the job I want. I can dress professionally like you wouldn't believe (I actually own two silk blouses.) But I'm also still me.

2. I don't eat dinner at a table unless I'm at someone elses house. Dinner is always eaten in front of the TV (I think this is a direct result of never being allowed to watch TV during dinner when I was a kid. The only time it happened the was the day the Berlin wall fell. I was 4.)

3. Library book due dates are more of a suggested return date to me. I once wracked up $20 in library fines. They are currently sitting at $8.00.

4. I don't always shower when I get home from derby practice. Sometimes I just go straight to bed.

5. I bite my nails. Always have and I've pretty much given up trying to quit.

6. I only eat breakfast on the weekend. And most of the time on the weekends it's not until about 11.

7. I plan on swearing around my kids. I don't have kids yet not sure if I'll ever had kids but if I do, I plan on swearing around them.

8. I screen phone calls. I've been known to yell at my husband, "We have caller ID for a reason!!!"

9. I rarely put laundry away. *cue my mother wondering where she went wrong.*

10. I work out so I can eat whatever the hell I want. Sure being healthy and living longer and all that schtuff is nice but really it's so I can eat whatever I damn well please. Thank you roller derby, running, biking and soon tap dancing and yoga for allowing me to eat that quarter pounder I had the other day.

So....what rules do you break?


  1. 1.They're your good-luck charm
    2.So do we
    3.Think of it as supporting the library
    6.The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
    7.No you won''ll see
    8.So do we
    9.I know this is in protest to my CDOness
    10.So do I

    It's amazing how alike we we're related or something.


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