"What do you mean I can't have a granola bar!!??"

Week one of the Roller Derby Workout Challenge is over and I haven't died. Go me. And the husband hasn't attempted to kill with me his bare hands. Go him! I will admit there has been a few instances where I've gone a little bit, how should I say it, crazy. Such as arguing with the husband about the sugar content in granola bars. I kid you not I actually said the following, "How can it be "unhealthy" they have sticks and twigs and small woodland creatures in them!!" Apparently just because it's "nature valley" doesn't make it healthy. He says the same can be applied to ranch dressing, being from the "hidden valley" healthy it does not make it. For the record, I hate ranch dressing. The husband on the other hand...if you cut him at dinner time when we're at his parents farm...he bleeds ranch dressing. So do his siblings.

Moving on.

Oh....I may or may not have at one point declared, "MY KINGDOM FOR A BOX OF SMARTIES!!!"

Oh...we've been calling the last week, "the week we accidentally became mostly vegetarian."

I'm not good with this whole saying "no" to myself thing. I'm not. Honestly, the reason I workout and do derby and all that active stuff is so I can eat what I want. Yes I know that sounds horrible but it's what motivates me. I can eat that quarter pounder because I just worked out for 2 hourst at practice. I can eat those chips because I just ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill. It's not the best way to motivate yourself to get fit but it works for me.

I have a deep love for food. Hell my derby name is Jam Buster for goodness sakes. To you non-manitobans that's what we call a jelly doughnut. As a gift for my derby-versary John bought me a Swarovski crystal pendant...it was a doughnut from the Alice in Wonderland tea party line. That tells you something about my relationship with food.

So what have I learned in my first week?

1. There is refined sugar in EVERTHING. My word. I was shopping for Peanut butter last night and I was diligently reading lables. I picked up a store brand jar. It said on the lable, low in saturated fat, good source of omega 3 and had the stores "good for life" lable on it. I started reading the ingredients, "peanuts, icing sugar....icing sugar?!" Now I knew Skippy brand peanut butter was bad for the icing sugar but I didn't think something that touted itself as being "good for life" and "a good source of omega 3" would also be a good source of icing sugar (I believe my american friends call this confectioners sugar or powedered sugar.) So thank you Kraft for your 100% natural brand. The ingredients are as follows, "Roasted peanuts." And that's it. Awesome.

2. Tofu won't kill you. Funny story. I was all proud of myself for using marinaded tofu in my stir fry. So proud. I told my mom that I didn't die and it was actually pretty tasty. Her reply, "I use to put Tofu in stir fry all the time when you were a kid. You've had it in stir fry lots of times." Which proves something very important, only moms would know their kids like something that they don't even realize they will like.

3. Sugar withdrawl makes you hungry. But you're not actually hungry, you just THINK you're hungry. You're a clever minx sugar withdrawl.

4. Not drinking booze isn't THAT hard. Now beer and roller derby go together like steriods and baseball so I thought this would be quite the issue. I've come to realize that I really don't drink THAT much to begin with and I don't really miss it.

5. Working out can be fun when you have the right music. When I'm not doing the roller derby workout DVD or at practice I'm running at the gym. Having P!nk tell me I'm fucking perfect whilst I'm running is awesome.

6. I can have fun with healthy food. I LOVE cooking so I've considered this a challenge I'm trying to use the meal plans to create yummy and fun food. I'm not just cooking for me, there is a husband in the mix here too. He's not a picky eater but I do want to make sure he'll eat it. So far my lentil soup rocks, the stir fry went over like a house on fire (then again I've always rocked the stir fry) and my bean burritos were quite the winning dish.

7. Homemade whole wheat pitas = AWESOME.

8. I don't feel like I'm doing this alone. Thanks to the fabulous derby community I can celebrate and be encouraged by derby girls world wide. How FANTASTIC is that.

9. The cat doesn't like it when we eat a lot of vegetarian food. He makes me feel guilty.

10. I've never been more dedicated to something. My approach to life is that it's about the little celebrations. I'm thankful my husband feels the same way. The little things NEED to be celebrated. I work in the non-profit world and when ever I bring in a large donation my husband and I celebrate with a glass of wine. I did that recently, so he offered me a class of wine. Instead I drank club soda. Not the same but I still celebrated.


  1. The liver is the source of all human evil, which is why we punish it regularly to keep it in line. If you keep on the current track you're on you run a higher risk of committing murder or puppy kicking.

    You know what they say, there's sober children in Africa, better finish that drink.

  2. Jake, according to CSI miami derby girls are already capable of murder with or without booze.

  3. its great that u went more vege( : as a vege i would love to see more people vege and also more meat eaters eatin a few meals a week without meat!.... it is so much more healthy to give up some meat becos u are eatin much less sat.fat which could end up killin a good few of us) : so yay to more veges/part time veges( :


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