Keeping it real

In an effort to let you get to know me a little bit better I thought I would tell you a few of the more interesting things about myself.
  1. I've been employed in the non-profit field now for 5 years and there are STILL people in my life who think I don't get paid to do my job.
  2. I have a second job. I work as a birthday party fairy in my free time.
  3. I once slammed a kids head in a door for throwing my shoes in the boys bathroom.
  4. John called me a jerk right before he proposed.
  5. It's been over 7 years John's grandmother still calls be by the wrong name...though this year she managed to get the right name but spelt it wrong on my christmas gift. Just in case you were unaware my name is NOT Tiana.
  6. I hate most classic literature. Can't stand it. I have a degree in English Lit and would rather die than read Bronte, Austen or Chaucer (oh god don't get me started on Chaucer.)
  7. I was always disappointed when the lady on Romper Room never said "Tatiana" or "Tania"
  8. I eavesdrop on German conversations.
  9. I sometimes pretend not to know people from high school when they approach me in public. It's particularly fun when it is someone who wasn't particularly nice to me or my friends. I also do this to people from high school on facebook.
  10. John and I don't trust each other. We actually can't do those "trust fall" excercises. Too many years of nerf gun ambushes and pranks and being randomly attacked in the dark.
  11. For years I couldn't sleep with my bedroom door closed because my brother convinced me that if I did someone could kidnap me in the middle of the night and my parents would have no idea.
  12. I was once caught shoplifting....don't ask about it because I won't tell you.
  13. I was once told to stand in a corner as punishment. Then I was forgotten about. For about 2 hours.
  14. I have major manic phases where have the desire to organize and clear and purge but I have to do it all at once and several parts of the apartment. John has learned to just let it happen.
  15. My birthday almost ended up being February 29th.
  16. My husband is my moms favourite child.
  17. To my brothers dying day he will maintain the cause of me getting stitches when I was little was the wind.
  18. I know most if not all the words to most songs that were sung on Fraggle Rock.
  19. I own a customized muppet from the Whatnot Workshop in New York.
  20. In the 10th grade I witnessed a classmate get hit by a car. After the accident I accepted a ride from 2 complete strangers who also witnessed the accident. They were two young men who were JWs and on their year long mission trip thing from Utah. They gave me a really yummy cookie. Though in hindsight that was probably one of the stupidest things I've ever done.
  21. When everything in my life seems to be going pear shaped I watch Clerks 2 or Wayne's World and I feel better.
  22. A good friend of my parents has a son that is quite attached to my parents. I believe he's about 3. I feel UBER territorial about this. I'm not kidding. Recently my mom sent me pictures of him sitting on her lap whilst she read him a story, my first response, "back off that's MY MOM!!"
  23. I can rock a creme brulee but bread eludes me.
  24. It took me three days to decided what to name our cat. Lord help us if we ever have kids.
  25. I've started belly dancing classes with a dear friend of mine. Last night my belly dance teacher told us we needed loosen up and not think about our movement and just move and dance. We needed to channel our inner 3 year old because they just dance and move and could care less. And I kept thinking, "must dance like Haylee....must dance like Haylee." Haylee is my goddaughter who I often refer to as "Monkey"

So tell me something interesting about yourself.


Jake Hammell said…
I ate a doughnut from the trash can at work. It was still in the container, so I figured it was okay.

It wasn't worth it.
Christa said…
When I was growing up and my parents asked us kids "Would someone help with this, or someone do that." I was always the first to give in and went to do what ever was asked. This did not go unoticed, so now whenever somebody askes for "someone's" help my siblings always comment, "Christa, they asked you to do something." Or if somebody blames "someone" for not doing somthing, my dad always says "Of course Christa didn't do it, she wasn't here."