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I got an email this morning for one of my lovely derby girls (Hi Portage N' Maim...or are we calling you The Big Bang? I can't remember) asking if John perhaps had a cable for a projector hook up we need this weekend for our awards banquet (yes just like other real sports leagues.) John assured me we had such a thing and all would be well. She mentioned in said email that one of her fears is "Projectors and Laptops related to presentations." And I have to agree. They terrify me. I once planned a vigil at my University in honour of the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women it was a beautiful vigil. But there was a projector laptop set up. I begged John to handle that. Just begged. Instead of a coffee break that day he handled that part of the vigil due to my crippling fear of something going very wrong with the system.

She felt irrational fears would make a terrific blog post. I couldn't agree more. So sit back and enjoy the tour of my neurotic and irrational side.

1. People touching my ears. For someone that has 5 piercings in their ears this is going to sound weird. I blame it on one to many wet willies growing up. The thought of people touching my ears just freaks me out something fierce. My husband and Father are fully aware of this unconventional fear of mine and will torment by coming at me threating to touch my ears. This summer when I was in Fort Frances Ontario of a roller derby bout a fellow team member (hi Paindexter) was talking about odd sleeping habits. She mentioned she once woke up with someones finger in her ear. We were all like, "ba?" So she demonstrated...on me. I stood their quietly dying inside. John was there and thought I was most brave but he said the look on my face lent itself well to Paindexters story.

2. Sleeping with my bedroom door closed. I have MAJOR anxiety about this. And I can pin point the EXACT reason for his. My older brother. He managed to convince me as a kid I shouldn't sleep with my door closed. According to him if I slept with my door closed someone could come into my bedroom at night and abduct me and my parents wouldn't hear me scream. My brother is a horrible person for doing this to me. On top of this, he told me this right around a time in Edmonton when a lot of little girls my age were going missing. It freaked me right out. I hate sleeping with the door closed. If I'm asleep and John gets up and closes the door that's fine. It's the whole it being closed before I'm asleep. Thanks Johnny.

3. I'm 26 years old and I'm still scared to hang my toes over the edge of the bed.

4. Large creatures in the ocean. Which I fully admit is RIDICULOUS especially considering one of the places I live and the place my parents live. I've lived by the ocean and my parents currently live by the ocean. I've been on a whale watching tour but I will fully admit the whole time (okay before I fell asleep in the bow of the boat) I was really terrified one of these whales all the people were oooing and ahhhhing at were just going freak out and flip the boat. Or worse pull a Jonah and a the whale on us and eat us whole. Last time I was in Newfoundland my mom and I were hiking and I watch from the shore as a whale ate a seagull. While I admit I was amused and all, "haha food chain!!!" I was still unsettled by the fact it just random chomped down a bird and went on its merry way.

5. Being any where near a DMV. It took me five tries to get my license. It's not something I'm proud of but it's a fact of life. I had MAJOR driving test anxiety. I didn't get my liscense until I was in grade 12 because of this. My husband on the other hand had his like days after his 16 birthday. Plus he'd been driving since he was about 12 (that's a farm kid for you.) I was so pleased when I found out I could renew my liscence at any of our public auto insurence places because the notion of setting foot in a DMV made my tummy do a back flip.

So....what's the strangest thing you're afraid of?


  1. Your Oma used to hate sit with her feet hanging down from a chair when she was young. She said her mother would tell fairytales about how a wolf would bite at your feet if weren't watchful! ~ auntie elfe

  2. My knees, no one is allowed to touch my knees. My siblings know this and occationally like to come @ me with "The claw" (their hand in a claw like pose). I do not find this funny.


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