In sickness and in roller derby

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No housewife blog would be complete without an introduction to the other half.

I've mentioned John on a few occasions already. He's the guy I married 4 years ago. We met 7 years ago when I was 19 and he was about to turn 22. I realize how casual and unfeeling that sounds but trust me it's not meant to be that way. That's just the nature of my relationship with John. It's comfortable and casual (the feeling not the relationship) and easy. By no stretch of the imagination is our relationship perfect. Absolutely not. He's the super president of the world in the silent treatment. I'm a yeller. He would love to have potatoes with every meal. I would rather eat eggplant than have potatoes with every meal (wow do I hate eggplant.) John grew up in a town of 200 people on a farm. I grew up in cities (I say cities because I moved a lot when I was a kid.) John is the oldest of 5. I am the youngest of 2. John loves being on his own. I'm an attention seeker. We are what happens when logic and chaos collide.

I'm not an easy person to be married to. I'm really not. John has suffered through many "Hurricane Tatiana's" and the occasional tropical storm and a smattering a inclimate weather. I can get very angry very quickly (I'm working on that) and I can have moments of extreme frustration and self defeat (I'm working on that too.) He's also what is affectionately known as a Derby widow. He's also the league scoreboard guy and the only person other than my teammates and trainers that can yell, "DERBY STANCE JAM BUSTER!!!" and not get punched out.

He has edited much of my writing. He has also reminded me of my writing deadlines (yes yes John I know I should be writing my fiveonfive article and not this blog post). He is the godfather to my best friends son. And the adopted godfather of my best friends daughter. He fixes my computer without talking down to me...well he doesn't even talk to me anymore when he fixes my computer...he just fixes it. He'll try anything I make in the kitchen and will gladly clean up after most kitchen adventures. He knows when he's in trouble with me when I call him Johnathan. He's brilliant and logical and several shades of awesome. He takes my insanity in stride and I take his cynicism with a grain of salt. We work well together.

I've never been the kind of person who would say that he completes me. He doesn't and he never will. He just makes my life that much cooler. He's also not my best friend nor my soulmate. He is the boy I love. It's that simple. We also don't refer to ourselves as a couple as much as we refer to ourselves as a team. We often refer to ourselves a team Ham-tin (a combination of both our last names....why I kept my last name is a whole other post for another day.)


  1. and the best part is that because of him I will have naturally-curly-strawberry-blond-haired grandchildren. YAY!!!

  2. When we decide to have them mom....when we decide to have them.


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