The working hausfrau

Yes, it's true I'm no longer a full time hausfrau. However I'm determined to carry out my mission of figure out what this whole being a housewife thing means to me. Yes, that's what this project has been about, what does housewife mean to me. We all know the sterotypes and the cliches. Pearls whilst you vaccuum. Martini's at the door for the husband. Not worrying your pretty little head about things like finances and the car. But I think it means something different to everyone and I'm still determined to find out what it means in my life.

I've gone back to work. In my field of non-profit. I work now for a hospital foundation. In the non-profit world to get in with a hospital foundation is a huge deal. These jobs don't come up very often. So when they do, you need to jump at the chance.

It's also very removed from what I've done in the past. My previous jobs in non-profit have been as follows; wish granting organization for local children with a life-threatening illness, chapter coordinator for an organization that helped bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents after the death of a child at any age to any cause and working at a Women's Centre for women who have dealt with domestic violence and other incredibly heart destroying circumstances. I needed to get away. I needed to put the pieces back together. I wasn't coping well anymore...if at all. The sadness I sometimes carried around with me was crushing. The trick was though I couldn't look sad, be sad or suggest even the slightest shred of sadness. That's not what those people needed from me. They needed my hope and my ability to keep moving forward. I couldn't move forward anymore.

There was also issues in my last position with my boss. I couldn't deal with her anymore either. Quirky turned into crazy too quickly and I couldn't deal with it anymore. I'd had enough of the passive aggressiveness, the picking on, the misplacement of blame, the drama...the stupidity. I was already feeling emotionally used up so she wasn't helping matters. I needed to get out and fast.

Leaving that job though was one of the hardest and scariest things I've ever done. But I needed to admit to myself I had been lost some where and I needed to be found again. And when you're lost you always go back to where you last remember being safe. The last job I remember feeling safe was when I was the office manager for a construction company. So I actively pursued similar positions but in my field. So here I am. Safe, secure but above all...happy.

Some of the projects on the hausfrau horizon are;
- My wedding scrapbook (yeah yeah I got married 4 years ago)
- Cataloging our library
- Organizing my recipes
- Creating a budget

Stay tuned.