Not your average housewife

I'm not your normal run of the mill yoga pant wearing, house renovating, carpool driving, 2.7 kids having, PTA attending, casserole making housewife. Not that there is anything wrong with that seriously. I commend those women because they fill a role I don't think I ever could. We don't have kids, we drive a hatchback, we live in an apartment in the middle of a downtown. We have a cat that weighs as much as some small children. No really...he does...he weighed as much as our goddaughter when we got him. But I will say I do enjoy a nice pair of yoga pants.

I'm not your average housewife. Or at least that's what people tell me. I even dare to put together furniture on my own.

This was after a sale associate told me I should check with my husband to make sure it's the right TV stand. Right dude. I then too my pretty little head and bought it else where. Jerk.

Tatiana versus TV stand. TV stand zero Tatiana epic win!! Though John did tell me he didn't care if I tried to put it together as long as I didn't break anything or lose anything. He's very supportive like that.

I also spend six hours a week attacking other women on roller skates with my roller derby league, throwing myself at them and knocking them to the ground.

I spend nights chasing down the pack and making sure I can find that one small hole that the other jammer can't see and I endure bruises, broken toes, blisters. I spend countless hours thinking of ways to market this league. Ways to make sure we stay top of mind and on the tips of tongues. I make sure we have logo recognition and that people see we're not what they think derby is. This is my favorite part of my life.

This housewife goes back to the working world next week. That's right. I found a job. But it's part-time and so it will allow me to further my housewife skills whilst bringing in an income once again. One day I'll blog about why I left my previous employment more extensively. But for now I'll just say I needed a change of scenery...badly.

I'm so looking forward to continuing this journey because this is slowly but surely turning into another favourite part of my life.

Next entry by the way will be a follow on the gorgeously green diet.


  1. When I grow up, I want to be like you, but with butterflies. <3 Llama


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