Hello Stranger

In late June early July of 2010 I decided to leave my job. I needed to step away. I wasn't coping well anymore. I worked as a fundraiser and volunteer coordinator for a grassroots wish granting organization that granted wishes to children in my province with a life-threatening illness. Previous to that position I worked with grieving parents. The time came where I needed to step back from my career and collect myself. Working with children who may or may not die and working with parents who are walking a very dark and lonely grief journey really starts to wear on a person. I got lost in there somewhere.

So I walked away. I had the full support of my friends, family and husband. So I was faced with a rather uncertain future. The plan is I will eventually go back to work in my field. I think my brain would explode it I didn't. But in the interim I'm dawning the noble title of housewife.

I have a few other titles other than housewife. I'm Jam Buster with the Winnipeg Roller Derby league. I'm a demon in the kitchen. I'm an avid writer. I'm the godmama to Haylee the goddaughter of awesome and Nate the soon to be of this world. I'm the wife to a cute geek from a town of 200 named Johnathan (I like to call him John...or the husband). I'm the best friend to a wicked awesome High School english teacher named Jamie. I'm the bull in a china shop to parents who will be married 30 years in September and moved to the east coast 2 weeks after I got hitched and the know it all younger sibling to an older brother pilot. I'm the only granddaughter on one side and the 2nd of 4 granddaughters on the other side. I'm co-owner of Inspector Dylan Tiger the 17 lb orange tabby/wookie cross.

I don't think all those titles will fit on a business card.

I will be the first to tell you that I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not entirely clear what being a housewife means or what exactly I should be doing most days. Every morning I'm faced with the huge "now what?" question. But I get by.

This my life....I'm trying.


Unknown said…
Love it, love it, love it.....got intro, now write chapter one...immediately! Because I said so, because I'm the mom.
SARcasm said…
T - best of luck in your new adventures. :) It can be both rewarding and challenging ... it's all about making it work for you. Sometimes carers need to take care of themselves too - so glad you're taking the opportunity to do that.
Macy said…
So the journey begins. I know you'll rock housewife in your own freaking amazing way. Can't wait to see your adventures unfold!