Nothings certain but the fact that you're leaving

John said something truly remarkable this last October "I was 25 or 26 and I go there having never been outside of my corner of the country and realize there is this place that I was suppose to be but never realized it. There is a hometown across the country waiting for us to arrive." The "there" he is talking about is the province of Newfoundland.

John and I have been planning. It's a cunning plan. It is as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University but has moved on, and is now working for the UN at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning. *5 points to the person to knows that tv quotation.*

In 1.5ish years we are moving. Not for good but for a year. Or at least that's the plan right now. We're going to be moving to Newfoundland in the summer of 2012.

I know what you're thinking, why the hell are you moving to the ends of the earth? Well that's a long story.'s not so much long as it is kind of full circle and rather interesting.

I was 10, almost 11, when we moved to St. John's Newfoundland as a family. Now, I had no idea where Newfoundland was at the time. I was in the 5th grade and hadn't quite gotten the handle of where all the provinces in Canada were. In my 10 year old mind the furtherest east there was in Canada was a place called Kenora in Ontario where my parent spent their honeymoon. What? I was 10! If you look at a map of Canada and see Baffin Island it's a big landmass over the Hudsons bay. I actually thought THAT was Newfoundland. I think my mom still has that map somewhere. The first day of learning our provinces my teacher did an experiment, she had us fill in where WE thought all the provinces were. So IN MY DEFENSE I had NO IDEA where it actually was. I do now.

We lived in Newfoundland until I turned 12. That place made a lasting impression on my entire family. My parents had decided that when the time came for retirement (ha like my dad will ever officially retire) they would move back to "the rock."

Life has a funny way of messing with well laid plans. In my last year of University my dad was offered a position in Newfoundland at the same University where he took his very first PhD position. This time he was department head. 2 weeks to the day of my wedding my parents departed for Newfoundland. Yeah my parents really know how to empty nest. Not only did their kids leave did they.

John visited the east coast for the first time Christmas 2006. He was smitten. Just in love. He got it. He suddenly understood this love affair my family has had with this island for so many years. It's funny, we're all prairie kids but we're just twitterpated with Newfoundland. With the people, the towns, the ocean, the culture...the everything.

If you're familar with the academic world at all you're familar with the idea of Acacemic Leave and Sabbatical. Well my dad should have done this AGES ago. But usually when that time rolls around he finds another challenge to persue and defers it. I think he's done that twice if not three times already. Now the time has come again for my dad to take his academic leave. He won't be going anytime soon, not for a little while yet but with my dad actually taking the steps to go on sabbatical this left my parents with a dilemma. What do we do with the house? The cat? The cat? They will be gone for a year. There was the option to have a visiting prof stay there but my mom wasn't too sure how much she liked that idea. Then John and I had a brainstorm at about the sametime my parents had the same brainstorm. What about John and I moving out there and housesitting.

Dylan will be coming with us which could be interesting due to the current cat in residence Punk. Though Punk has never been alpha cat (she was the bottom of the cat totem in our house) and well...Dylan eats more than I think Punk weighs so I think they'll get along quite well. Punk isn't an alpha cat and Dylan is so chill this could be a match made in heaven. And if all else fails, Dylan is bigger.

In the mean time there is a lot of planning and thinking and planning going on. We're already making mental lists of what goes into storage, what gets chucked and what comes with us. And bonus, Newfoundland now has a roller derby league...phew!

So that's what we'll be doing in the summer of 2012. Heading out to the hometown that John never knew existed but it just waiting for us to arrive so it can embrace us again.